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Craft Beer World aims to be the authoritative news service for the British craft beer and real ale brewing and retail pub communities. Advertising in Craft Beer World is the ideal way to attract customers, increase your influence in the industry and promote new products or projects.

CBW has over 2,500 daily visits from readers across the world – at the moment our geographic mix is 90% UK, 8% US, and the rest in Europe and Asia.

CBW is constantly expanding its online advertising services and offers opportunities in its news sections, beer ratings pages and e-mail newsletter.

CBW has a broad readership made up of brewers, critics, equpment suppliers, retailers and bar and hospitality experts, all of whom read CBW to keep informed of the current issues, debates and trends in the British craft beer scene.

CBW articles and beer ratings pages are also read by the general craft beer generation and enthusiasts.

Please contact us for details of working together.

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