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SIBA becomes ‘official partner’ of CBR London, responds to alcohol guidelines

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The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), has today been named as the official partner of the Craft Beer Rising beer festival in London.

The highly successful craft beer festival is now in its third year and has partnered with trade organisation SIBA, who represent Britain’s independent craft brewers, to deliver another fantastic event in the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, London.

The event (also known simply as CBR London 2016) showcases the very best of British brewing across all formats, including traditional cask beer from independent breweries, new craft keg beers, bottles and cans in a variety of styles, strengths and flavours – highlighting the diversity of British brewing in 2016.

As part of the partnership SIBA will be contributing to the festival programme, website and social media, as well as working alongside the festival organisers to offer additional benefits to the SIBA member breweries showcasing their beers at the event.

Mike Benner, SIBA’s Managing Director had this to say on the partnership:

“SIBA is very excited to be the Official Partner of CBR London 2016. Our view of where British beer is headed is perfectly aligned, with both SIBA and CBR showing a commitment to showcasing and promoting the very best in British brewing regardless of format. Whether it’s in a bottle, a can, cask or keg, we believe there is some of the best beer in the world being brewed in the UK right now.”

SIBA has 850 brewery members, some of which will be exhibiting their beers at the festival on their own brewery bars. As well as this SIBA will also have their own stand open exclusively for trade day on the afternoon of the 26th February and are welcoming brewers to find out how they can get involved with the organisation.

Daniel Rowntree, Founder and Director of CBR London 2016, added: “Our relationship with SIBA is very important, both organisations have a very similar ethos and working together seemed like a very natural fit. We look forward to putting the best of British brewing in the hands of the 6000 curious consumer.”

As well as 131 fantastic stands of craft beer the event also features, a stand alone cider room called ‘Lost in Cyder Space’ with a further 25 producers as well as eight street food vendors and a full DJ schedule to keep attendees entertained throughout the sessions, though with hundreds of exclusive brews on offer, the focus is always going to be the beer at CBR.

SIBA also today responded to new government guidelines on alcohol reccomending men and women stick to 14 units a week.

Mike Benner, Managing Director of SIBA, the Society for Independent Brewers said:

“It is clearly important for the industry to consider the scientific evidence behind the new guidelines, not least because there is a widespread recognition of evidence of certain benefits associated with moderate and responsible consumption of alcohol. I think many men who regularly consume between 14 and 21 units of alcohol a week will be surprised to suddenly find themselves in an ‘at risk’ category and this may affect the guidelines’ credibility with many responsible drinkers, not least because they are significantly lower than guidelines in various other countries.

It’s also the case that the wider benefits on wellbeing and happiness which stem from the the responsible enjoyment of alcohol in a sociable environment such as a pub have been ignored and the industry and others need to work together to bring evidence to support this view to the fore. Enjoying a couple of beers in a pub with friends and colleagues at the end of a hard day can bring positive benefits to peoples’ lives

Britain’s independent craft breweries take pride in brewing fine high quality beers to be enjoyed by people who appreciate flavour and distinctiveness, responsibly and in moderation. I believe that, if people do respond to these guidelines by drinking less then they will inevitably turn to higher quality products for every occasion.”

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