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Tips for keeping your establishment clean

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Summer may have arrived, but it’s never too late to give your bar or restaurant a thorough spring clean.

In fact, the difference between spending a few hours to ensure your establishment is sparkling and leaving the space to gather dirt and dust could add up to a huge number of potential customers.

This message was recently highlighted by the leader of the food inspection team at Medway Council in Kent, David Brown.

Speaking to KentOnline following the publication’s report of 15 restaurants, takeaways and food outlets that have been given a zero food hygiene rating by the Food Standards Agency, Mr Brown acknowledged: “Businesses look at competitors, and if a similar outlet has a four or five-star rating, that is a serious driver to improvement.

“Consumers are also increasingly aware of the rating system, and increasingly are asking questions and voting with their feet.”

If you’re a business in the hospitality industry concerned about the cleanliness of your establishment, catering equipment suppliers Nisbets can help. They have produced a helpful guide which covers various spring cleaning tips, including answers to the following:

  • Why is a combination of warm, soapy water and steam cleaning great for keeping a cooker hood free of grease and bacteria?
  • How can a change of staff uniform give your bar or restaurant with a new lease of life?
  • Why should you be checking the build quality of shelves in your stockroom, as well as cleaning this part of your establishment?
  • How should you clean a fryer or grill so that there is less risk of it becoming a fire hazard?
  • How long should you leave a washroom before checking it and giving it a clean?
  • Why must you not ignore cleaning the bins of your bar and restaurant, especially when the warmer weather approaches?

Get all of these questions answered and learn much more about keeping your establishment looking its best by reading Nisbets’ top 10 spring cleaning tips now.

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