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US app bevRAGE offers cash back for beer

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bevRAGE announced today the formal unveiling of its mobile application that delivers instant cash back rebates to consumers purchasing beer, wine and liquor. The new app, which is live today in Apple’s App Store and Google Play, is designed to provide savings to consumers immediately after they make alcohol purchases in bars, restaurants and retail stores.

Current bevRAGE offers include deals on brands like Stoli Vodka, Jam Jar Wine, Excelsior Wine, Myx Moscato, White Girl Rosé, and many more. There also are offers on vodka, whiskey, and tequila cocktails, as well as bottle and draft beers.

The average rebate is more than $4.00 on a drink at bars and restaurants, and an average of more than $3.50 with each purchase on wine, beer, and spirits at retail stores.

“bevRAGE delivers immediate savings in a user-friendly fashion. To receive cash back all a consumer has to do is take a photo of their receipt and submit it through the app,” said Dounya Irrgang, chief executive officer at bevRAGE. “The process is simple, and it remains the same whether the rebate is being offered for a drink purchased at a bar or a bottle purchased at a retail store.”

Created with both the consumer and the supplier in mind, bevRAGE offers numerous deals at the point of sale. With the bevRAGE app, consumers simply identify a deal that they like, purchase that item, and then take a photo of their receipt. bevRAGE’s processing ensures that the savings are delivered into the app holder’s PayPal account as quickly as possible and always within 48 hours. Payment is also available via check.

“Unlike mail-in rebates which require hand written forms and don’t pay for weeks or months, bevRAGE provides quick payments electronically,” said Mitch Berkoff, co-founder and business development director of bevRAGE. “While savings are central to bevRAGE, the app can also be a lot of fun. We post new offers each week, and this allows consumers to try something new or purchase something different for a holiday or special occasion.”

Unlike other rebate apps that require users to accrue a certain dollar amount before being paid, bevRAGE channels payment to its users through PayPal once a purchase is executed, regardless of amount. bevRAGE is also unique in that it does not require users to view advertisements, take surveys or perform other tasks. What’s more, when a bevRAGE user sees an offer they like, they can take advantage of that offer at any retailer or bar or restaurant of their choice. While bevRAGE will occasionally be specific to a city or region, the offers are not specific to one retailer or one restaurant.

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